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A Special Business Partnership
Opportunity in Wilmington, NC

Greetings Veteran,

When returning to civilian life, military members face two basic earnings choices; take a job, or start a business of your own. Most will choose the first option. But a select few will understand the value of seizing control of their own destiny by building a business that 1) adds value to society, and 2) employs others.

By finding your way to this page, you have already identified yourself as part of this extraordinary group of individuals.

Because of this, I would like to present you with a truly rare opportunity. Rather than starting from the ground up and just hoping your venture will succeed, what if you could literally "buy in" to a business that is already successful, in an industry that's guaranteed to grow exponentially?

These kinds of opportunities come along only rarely. Your ability to take advantage depends on the timing, and whether or not you recognize the business as a fit for your lifestyle and goals. In that spirit, I'd like to introduce you to ARCpoint Labs of Wilmington, NC.

ARCpoint Labs is among the fastest growing drug screening providers in the country. Drug screening is among the fastest growing segments of the health care industry. And with all the new changes in America's healthcare laws, our prospects are very bright - well into the foreseeable future.

Unlike most of our competition, we offer a complete spectrum of drug, alcohol and DNA testing services. And we maintain our competitive advantage by staying up to date with all of the breakthroughs and improvements in the market, and providing the tests and expertise needed to interpret them.

ARCpoint Labs of Wilmington provides accurate, reliable, and confidential:

Drug testing,

Alcohol testing,

DNA testing,

Steroid testing,

Employment/background screening,

Wellness screening, and

Corporate wellness programs.

Our services encompass both on-site and off-site pre-employment, random, post-accident and reasonable suspicion testing. In addition to our workplace and wellness testing capabilities, we serve many judicial, athletic, and medical clients across the United States.

Prior experience in the field is helpful, but your passion is most important. ARCpoint Labs has been doing drug and alcohol testing for over eighteen years. The Wilmington office has over three years of growth behind it, and we are now ready to scale up for the next expansion phase. This is your opportunity.

If you have a passion for:

Providing a service that contributes to the community in a positive manner,

Helping to reduce drug abuse in the workplace,

Empowering individuals and companies to manage their health and wellness through affordable lab screening, and

Building a business that will provide a successful economic future, at minimal risk, for you and your family,

This could be the hands-on investment you've been looking for. Contact me immediately to explore this extraordinary business opportunity.

Respectfully yours,


Mary Ballard
ARCpoint Labs of Wilmington

206 North 4th St., Unit 6
Wilmington, NC 28404
Phone: (910) 762-1223

Email: mballard@arcpointlabs.com
Fax: 910-762-1224
Cell: 910-695-3410


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