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A Special Note to Our Veterans

Greetings Heroes:

Hi! I'm Patricia DeeringSo many of us were raised to believe that if we got a good education and chose a good career, we would reap the rewards for our hard work.

Even though we thought we were secure in our chosen careers and were top performers in the military, many of us have found out that our futures are not so secure after all.

Now that your military career is completed (or about to be), your mind is most likely filled with lots of questions. What to do now? Start all over again, trading hours and hard work for a paycheck?

Or, is it time to take the reins and transfer what you've learned in the Armed Forces to your own vision of what your life - and work - should look like?

If so, I'd like to invite you to take control of your destiny through franchising.

Do your dream of being a business owner? Many people do, but for a variety of reasons, they often fail to pursue that dream. For some, it is the perception of risk. Others feel they lack the skills to be successful, or feel they don't have the financial resources to invest in a business of their own. However...

If you could find a business that you could be successful at, would you grab the chance? If you could minimize the risk of going into business for yourself, would it be more appealing?

If you could have the support of a proven system where you are given a blueprint for success, would it be worth it to you to follow it? I'd love to explore business ownership as a franchisee in the Central Florida region with you.


My services are available at no charge to you.

My path to business ownership led me to purchase a franchise by the name of FranNet, a franchise consulting firm. Now, I help others like myself who want to fulfill their dream of business ownership.

At FranNet, ours is NOT a one-size-fits-all approach to business ownership. My purpose is to listen to you and learn what it is that you are hoping to achieve from your business ownership experience.

I represent a wide variety of franchises in Central Florida, from Pinellas County to Orlando, including the Tampa Bay area and Orange County. I will guide you to the franchise that is the best fit for YOU based on your personal and professional goals, lifestyle interests, and financial resources.

Then, I'll guide you through a thorough due-diligence process so you can make an informed decision about your career move. I'll also put you in contact with the other professionals you'll need, such as attorneys, accountants, real estate professionals, and of course, financial institutions that are providing financing for today's small businesses.

I've been where you are... and I know how it feels. After a long and successful career as a Human Resources executive, I witnessed firsthand the reality that having a successful career in no way guarantees either job or financial security. I yearned to be in control of my own destiny, and to have the freedom to determine the work/life balance that worked for me.

So, what's your path to financial security and success? Let's find out together.
Contact me today; I can help.

Respectfully yours,


Patricia Deering
Franchise Business Consultant
FranNet of Central Florida

Tampa Bay office:
3001 N. Rocky Point Drive East
Suite 200
Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: 813-443-2119
Fax: 813-281-5474

Central Florida office:
1800 Pembrook Drive East
Suite 300
Orlando, FL 32810
Phone: 407-478-3722

Email: pdeering@frannet.com
Cell: 727-946-4843



FranNet - Local. Trusted. Franchise Experts.

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